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“Chimes Blues”  from Dave Radlauer’s jazzbighotstep.com (Phil Elwood’s “Jazz Archives” YBJB broadcasts (1957/1966))

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“Canal Street Blues” Turk Murphy Jazz Band on YouTube uploaded by Godfrey Daniels

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What is a Frisco Cricket?

From the issue #1, Summer 1997

Some of you may be wondering if we discovered a new species of grasshopper while poring through the Foundation archive. Well, the truth is not quite that exciting, but the Frisco Cricket does have its origins in the world of traditional jazz.

Tradition has it that pioneer New Orleans cornetist Buddy Bolden, besides operating a barbershop and being a leader in the development of jazz, also published a neighborhood newspaper called The Cricket. Though this is by no means an established fact, the legend alone is strong enough that the name came to mind when we were trying to come up with a name for our own newsletter. We wanted a name that would illustrate the our commitment to traditional jazz. What better way than with a title associated with the music’s very origins?

As for the “Frisco” part of the name, its long history of use in West Coast jazz band names made it a natural for our consideration. The way it sounds with the word “Cricket” pretty much decided the issue. By the way, we have heard an explanation of the term’s origins, not as an impure shortening of “San Francisco,” but as a nautical term from another language referring to the type of sheltered harbor which coincidentally exists here.

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