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Here’s To The Future

The San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation Online “It is an historical irony that the city that put ‘jazz’ in jazz doesn’t rate a mention in most history books. “ Tom Stoddard in Jazz on the Barbary Coast. Though New York, Chicago and Kansas City are far better known today for their contributions to jazz history than San Francisco, … Continue reading Here’s To The Future

Earl Scheelar Will Surprise You

“I’ve always preferred the New Orleans style. That’s what real jazz is as far as I’m concerned.”  — Earl Scheelar Cornet and clarinet player Earl Scheelar is a bandleader, distinctive cornet player and master clarinetist playing in or leading revival jazz ensembles since the 1950s. In recent years I’ve come to know Earl and been granted generous access to … Continue reading Earl Scheelar Will Surprise You