The Frisco Cricket

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San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation,

Attn: Margaret Pick

300 Keokuk Street
Petaluma, CA 94952

Website: www.sftradjazz.org
E-mail: info@sftradjazz.org
Publisher: William Carter
Editor, Layout, Webmaster: Scott Anthony
Curator of the Archive : Clint Baker
Special Projects Consultant: Hal Smith
Office Manager: Scott Anthony
Treasurer: William Tooley


John R. Browne III John Matthews
William Carter Terry O’Reilly (deceased)
Jim Cullum Margaret Pick
Donna Huggins William Tooley

Honorary Directors

Leon Oakley

Board of Advisors

Philip Hudner, Michael Keller, Paul Mehling,
Gregg Keeling

Our Mission

Created as a non-profit in 1981, the San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation stated, as its primary mission, the archival preservation of thousands of items related to the West Coast Jazz Revival that began in San Francisco about 1939. In 2009 SFTJF completed the transfer of the main body of those materials to the Stanford University’s Music Library.

Thereupon, your Foundation’s Archive was closed; possible donors of jazz materials should now contact Stanford orother public repositories.

SFTJF’s wider, ongoing aim is to help foster high-quality traditional jazz, regionally and worldwide. That mission is now carried out primarily via electronic media. The Foundation’s main window on the world is our website — www.sftradjazz.org — where visitors are invited to become members at a nominal $25 per year.

Thank you for your generous support over the years. All contributions are tax deductible, and the names of those contributors who contribute beyond the basic $25 membership are published annually (unless a contributor specifies anonymity).

All Donations are Welcomed

The San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation accepts gifts and grants in many forms, including historical items which shed further light on the history of traditional jazz on the West Coast, such as recordings, music, newspaper clippings, photographs and correspondence. Contributions of materials or funds are tax-deductible under IRS ruling status 501(c)(3).

(All donations are 100% tax deductible in the US)

SF Jazz on the Web

The San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation has an ever-expanding web site. The site includes sound files and photos of many San Francisco (and other) jazz figures from the 1930s to the present. Please visit us at http://www.sftradjazz.org.